Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Festive Christmas table arrangement

New Year's table layout must be original, but must create atmosphere and festive mood. You can relive decorated with fresh fir twigs, candles and beautifully folded napkins. Above all, you should carefully consider the layout in the middle of the table, keep in mind that there should be no place for a variety of snacks and appetizers.
It is desirable that the arrangement of the table is decorated in a style. In the center you can put a bowl of fruit and spice pepper, mustard, vinegar, oil. It would be better if you put a few places, small hats (for example, every two guests at a time). Near the center put cold snacks. Wines and other drinks, arranged in various locations near the center of the center line of the table. Equal distance from each other put large and small plates - the number depends on the number of guests. The most important thing is to create serving its guests maximum comfort to your table neat.
All wines except champagne, put on the table is already open. Pre-chilled champagne is opened before that your guest from you think you start to spill a drink.
It is best if the bread tray is placed on a separate table service, so you can serve guests, as is customary.
For a festive arrangement of the table is best to use services. For each guest or family member, put a small shallow dish on it - table plate and the left - a bread plate. On the right side put the knife (a sharp side of the plate) and the left - fork (with concave side up). In front of each dish in a semicircle arrange glasses in the following order from left to right: a glass of soft drinks, champagne glass, for red wine, white wine, spirits (vodka, brandy, liqueur).
This is the basis of the arrangement, her home. You can stick to the classic look of your festive table and white linen bedding. But you can relive the appearance of the table, using one color as a basis, such as green or red cloth, on which to fast, less colorful cover the same material. You can decorate the cover with one color or flower garlands.
Remember the unity of the composition. Good assistants in this regard you may find napkins that will put into each instrument.


You can use as napkins, which are in line with the tablecloth, and those that are in contrast with it. For the festive meal is required to use cloth napkins to decorate according to their abilities and desires, using special rings, ribbons, beads, etc.

It is preferable not to use scented candles. It is best to buy many candles that are in tune with the tablecloths and napkins, and place them in high candlesticks. If there is room, however, place in center of table glass bowl with water, sprinkle it with gold stars and put it many floating candles.