Monday, September 15, 2014

How to renovate our kitchen

The kitchen is where we spend most of the time when we are at home. So you should strive to make it perfect in terms of space and functionality. If the kitchen is large, we have unlimited possibilities for rearranging and adding new things. But there are always things that we can give.

An important part of the kitchen Nine bedding. Therefore, renovation of the kitchen is good to think about changing the flooring. When choosing it must comply with the new decor, but not at the expense of strength and durability of the flooring.
Wood (parquet) adds warmth and elegance of the interior. The disadvantage of both the natural and the laminate floor that is easily wasted and can not recover.

Ceramic tiles are beautiful and very durable. Their placement, however, is difficult and require professional assistance.

Plastic laminate is hard and durable and easy materai place. Sometimes it is more durable than wood, but it can not be repaired.

Linoleum (linoleum) is relatively durable, resistant to moisture and sunlight. There is an advanced feature, but a wide variety of colors and patterns and can give an attractive food.

The vinyl is placed easily and is very durable. Unaffected by moisture, sunlight and stains. Advantage is that it can mimic other materials, such as stone.

Very important for the functionality of the kitchen and make it look spacious and elegant, is the division of cooking area and dining. If space permits, it is better to design different levels. Granite worktops or other material with suitable furniture and table will make your kitchen look elegant and spacious.


Track systems are a great solution for every kitchen. Hanging lights can contribute to modern and innovative look of the room. Paper lanterns add life and freshness. All three types of lighting are designed to have sufficient light in the different parts of the kitchen where it is needed. At the same time contribute to the conduct of the activity, create space or add height to the room. If you have a very small kitchen, create a rectangle with additional small halogen lamps.