Monday, November 28, 2011

Mini kitchen - for more space

A mini kitchen units is made for house in cottages, R.V.s, boats, ice houses, apartments. Retirees like them, there is not as much of to clean, and college students like them for space they save and mini kitchens match their fast and informal lifestyle! Mini Kitchens are flexible in both, design and application and let the artistic designer or renovator a enormous advantage. Here are some examples:
1. The important storage closet is big enough to put up water heater, waste bin and cleaning materials .


2. A cooking cooling and   storage  unit that gets jointly all the necessary kitchen purpose in only 0.6sq  metres of floor space by Whirpool.

If the pan drawer is not enough storage then make your Mini kitchen a Kitchenette with the addition of these wall units.


  Wall units with an open shelf unit to house a compact microwave turn the standard Mini Kitchen into an Eye Level Micro Kitchen – offering optimal storage in the smallest of spaces.

3. The Mini Kitchen is created for the rising numbers of youthful and single people in China, and features an all-in-one design with tiny facsimiles of a fridge, stovetop, and silverware. The “cook box” is sort of like a modern bento box that can be used for both cooking and serving, which is in fact pretty smart. The tablet PC is a little netbook that is generally intended for chatting and looking up recipes. Regrettably for every one of you that are single, it is just a concept for now. By Electrolux.


4.  FiniYou can cook a good food for breakfast, lunch and dinner with the Severin Mini kitchen. Shed in silver with enameled top and warmth resistant dyed housing, the oven has 26 liter capacity and comes with 5-stage switch – OFF, Top Heat, Bottom Heat, Top and Bottom Heat and Hotplates. The highest power is 2500 W. Changeable thermostat controls temperature in a 100° – 250°C range. This Severin mini kitchen as well comes with enamelled baking plate, grill rack, detachable crumb tray and adaptable shelf. On the top surface are two hotplates, one with dimension of 155 mm in diameter with 1000 W power and the second with dimension of 185 mm with 1500 W. The price for this universal kitchen is about € 120.

The Eye Level Galley kitchen converts the   unit's into kitchenettes with the additional storage cupboards. The microwave is housed in an open shelf unit giving cooking facilities at easy access.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Classic kitchens to measure: Canova

Canova is without doubt one of the finest classic Italian cuisine: traditional materials, combined with perfect balance and craft solutions like those once used, these classic kitchens feature custom, unique color effects and a beautiful combination of elements.
Cadore The program provides practical and immediate solution: it is full of columns equipped revolving baskets, drawers roomy, has a clock hanging brass handrail inserts the top.
Collection Canova, kitchens country since antiquity.
Classic kitchens to measure: Canova 1
Classic kitchens to measure: Canova 2
Classic kitchens to measure: Canova 3
Classic kitchens to measure: Canova 4
Classic solid wood kitchen CANOVA
Classic kitchen in stained solid wood CANOVA