Friday, January 20, 2012

Kitchens with seductive silhouette and unique design

Kitchens today have long exceeded their usual form and function - they not only please the eye and strike directly with stunning design. New collections and models repeatedly exceeded the expectations of the future - it has actually happened today.
Extremely futuristic, shiny, glowing in different colors, modern kitchens look like space stations, aliens from other galaxies or actually reach a mirage in the greyness of everyday life.
 One of the undisputed leaders in innovation and perfect union of design and function is recognized world-known in our country, the Italian company Snaidero.
"Kitchens for life" is the motto under which decades of Italian producer seeks to meet the latest demands and trends of customers worldwide.
One of the successful evidence honored with numerous awards, is the collection Skyline, which affects not only outstanding foreign luxury, but also amazingly ergonomic designs. Curved lines are present everywhere - on the facades, panels, shelves of kitchen - flat and smooth, they seem friendly, they cling and move into the world of aesthetic enjoyment.
Every detail is perfectly thought-out, the lines are filled with sensuality and quite rightly remind elegance of a beautiful female silhouette.
In addition to the incredibly elegant forms, Skyline collection and remarkable places emphasis on comfort and convenience in the kitchen area. The original design is not just a demonstration of creativity, but also based on precise mathematical calculations to achieve truly ergonomics in action!
Kitchens not only look great but also by their curved forms allow you to maximize the useful working area while saving on space in the room.
Hassle and stress are minimized - a valuable asset, especially at the end of an exhausting day.
In practice, the kitchen Skyline nothing is impossible - every wish could be realized through a combination of elegance and offers comfort and compactness.
The color palette is varied and includes all shades, suitable for a modern kitchen.
Skyline Snaidero collection of luxury jewel is like, which every home would be adorned with pleasure!

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Contemporary, modern and functional kitchen

Contemporary life radically changes the definition of the modern kitchen. Some time ago as the kitchen is regarded merely as a place for cooking. This is not so. Today the kitchen is the place to holiday. Earlier in the interior of this room was overlooked at the expense of others. Today world renowned designers compete to offer more modern and functional kitchen.
Blue decorated modern luxury kitchen island with bar and bar stools
Modern  kitchen furniture with chairs in different colors
Kitchen with red cabinets
Modern contemporary kitchen cabinet with bar and chairs
Kitchen in red and white

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