Monday, September 15, 2014

How to renovate our kitchen

The kitchen is where we spend most of the time when we are at home. So you should strive to make it perfect in terms of space and functionality. If the kitchen is large, we have unlimited possibilities for rearranging and adding new things. But there are always things that we can give.

An important part of the kitchen Nine bedding. Therefore, renovation of the kitchen is good to think about changing the flooring. When choosing it must comply with the new decor, but not at the expense of strength and durability of the flooring.
Wood (parquet) adds warmth and elegance of the interior. The disadvantage of both the natural and the laminate floor that is easily wasted and can not recover.

Ceramic tiles are beautiful and very durable. Their placement, however, is difficult and require professional assistance.

Plastic laminate is hard and durable and easy materai place. Sometimes it is more durable than wood, but it can not be repaired.

Linoleum (linoleum) is relatively durable, resistant to moisture and sunlight. There is an advanced feature, but a wide variety of colors and patterns and can give an attractive food.

The vinyl is placed easily and is very durable. Unaffected by moisture, sunlight and stains. Advantage is that it can mimic other materials, such as stone.

Very important for the functionality of the kitchen and make it look spacious and elegant, is the division of cooking area and dining. If space permits, it is better to design different levels. Granite worktops or other material with suitable furniture and table will make your kitchen look elegant and spacious.


Track systems are a great solution for every kitchen. Hanging lights can contribute to modern and innovative look of the room. Paper lanterns add life and freshness. All three types of lighting are designed to have sufficient light in the different parts of the kitchen where it is needed. At the same time contribute to the conduct of the activity, create space or add height to the room. If you have a very small kitchen, create a rectangle with additional small halogen lamps.



Friday, January 20, 2012

Kitchens with seductive silhouette and unique design

Kitchens today have long exceeded their usual form and function - they not only please the eye and strike directly with stunning design. New collections and models repeatedly exceeded the expectations of the future - it has actually happened today.
Extremely futuristic, shiny, glowing in different colors, modern kitchens look like space stations, aliens from other galaxies or actually reach a mirage in the greyness of everyday life.
 One of the undisputed leaders in innovation and perfect union of design and function is recognized world-known in our country, the Italian company Snaidero.
"Kitchens for life" is the motto under which decades of Italian producer seeks to meet the latest demands and trends of customers worldwide.
One of the successful evidence honored with numerous awards, is the collection Skyline, which affects not only outstanding foreign luxury, but also amazingly ergonomic designs. Curved lines are present everywhere - on the facades, panels, shelves of kitchen - flat and smooth, they seem friendly, they cling and move into the world of aesthetic enjoyment.
Every detail is perfectly thought-out, the lines are filled with sensuality and quite rightly remind elegance of a beautiful female silhouette.
In addition to the incredibly elegant forms, Skyline collection and remarkable places emphasis on comfort and convenience in the kitchen area. The original design is not just a demonstration of creativity, but also based on precise mathematical calculations to achieve truly ergonomics in action!
Kitchens not only look great but also by their curved forms allow you to maximize the useful working area while saving on space in the room.
Hassle and stress are minimized - a valuable asset, especially at the end of an exhausting day.
In practice, the kitchen Skyline nothing is impossible - every wish could be realized through a combination of elegance and offers comfort and compactness.
The color palette is varied and includes all shades, suitable for a modern kitchen.
Skyline Snaidero collection of luxury jewel is like, which every home would be adorned with pleasure!

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Contemporary, modern and functional kitchen

Contemporary life radically changes the definition of the modern kitchen. Some time ago as the kitchen is regarded merely as a place for cooking. This is not so. Today the kitchen is the place to holiday. Earlier in the interior of this room was overlooked at the expense of others. Today world renowned designers compete to offer more modern and functional kitchen.
Blue decorated modern luxury kitchen island with bar and bar stools
Modern  kitchen furniture with chairs in different colors
Kitchen with red cabinets
Modern contemporary kitchen cabinet with bar and chairs
Kitchen in red and white

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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Scandinavian kitchens in white

Scandinavian style is perfect styling model. The most common color is white. And shown below is presented white kitchen concept modern kitchen.
These kitchens are designed by Simonsen and Czechura, punctuality which give the same craftsmen.
Kitchens have clean lines, made of suitable wood, painted or glazed. Countertops are stone. All kitchens are a wonderful illustration of the Scandinavian style.

Classic style white Scandinavian Kitchen
Framed Scandinavian Style Kitchen
Stylish Glossy Scandinavian Kitchen

Nordic stylish stone kitchen
  Stainless Stylish Scandinavian Kitchen

 Matt Wenge Scandinavian Kitchen

   Scandinavian style kitchen

Monday, December 19, 2011

Five beautiful white kitchens

The color white symbolizes purity, the moon, silver or snow. It expands the space and volume, reduce the burden creates a feeling of emptiness, vague uncertainty unlimited. Over large areas seem monotonous, boring and cold. In combination with other colors helps to enhance the color of their impact.
Clean white reminds hospital environment, but once you get closer to a slightly warmer tone, acquires life, creating a sense of joy, and used for furniture, household textiles and additions, creating a favorable impression.
Modern whitekitchen design
Elegant modern white kitchen
Minimalist white kitchen with chandelier
modern white kitchen with shelves
Minimalist luxury kitchen interio

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Festive Christmas table arrangement

New Year's table layout must be original, but must create atmosphere and festive mood. You can relive decorated with fresh fir twigs, candles and beautifully folded napkins. Above all, you should carefully consider the layout in the middle of the table, keep in mind that there should be no place for a variety of snacks and appetizers.
It is desirable that the arrangement of the table is decorated in a style. In the center you can put a bowl of fruit and spice pepper, mustard, vinegar, oil. It would be better if you put a few places, small hats (for example, every two guests at a time). Near the center put cold snacks. Wines and other drinks, arranged in various locations near the center of the center line of the table. Equal distance from each other put large and small plates - the number depends on the number of guests. The most important thing is to create serving its guests maximum comfort to your table neat.
All wines except champagne, put on the table is already open. Pre-chilled champagne is opened before that your guest from you think you start to spill a drink.
It is best if the bread tray is placed on a separate table service, so you can serve guests, as is customary.
For a festive arrangement of the table is best to use services. For each guest or family member, put a small shallow dish on it - table plate and the left - a bread plate. On the right side put the knife (a sharp side of the plate) and the left - fork (with concave side up). In front of each dish in a semicircle arrange glasses in the following order from left to right: a glass of soft drinks, champagne glass, for red wine, white wine, spirits (vodka, brandy, liqueur).
This is the basis of the arrangement, her home. You can stick to the classic look of your festive table and white linen bedding. But you can relive the appearance of the table, using one color as a basis, such as green or red cloth, on which to fast, less colorful cover the same material. You can decorate the cover with one color or flower garlands.
Remember the unity of the composition. Good assistants in this regard you may find napkins that will put into each instrument.


You can use as napkins, which are in line with the tablecloth, and those that are in contrast with it. For the festive meal is required to use cloth napkins to decorate according to their abilities and desires, using special rings, ribbons, beads, etc.

It is preferable not to use scented candles. It is best to buy many candles that are in tune with the tablecloths and napkins, and place them in high candlesticks. If there is room, however, place in center of table glass bowl with water, sprinkle it with gold stars and put it many floating candles.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Mini kitchen - for more space

A mini kitchen units is made for house in cottages, R.V.s, boats, ice houses, apartments. Retirees like them, there is not as much of to clean, and college students like them for space they save and mini kitchens match their fast and informal lifestyle! Mini Kitchens are flexible in both, design and application and let the artistic designer or renovator a enormous advantage. Here are some examples:
1. The important storage closet is big enough to put up water heater, waste bin and cleaning materials .


2. A cooking cooling and   storage  unit that gets jointly all the necessary kitchen purpose in only 0.6sq  metres of floor space by Whirpool.

If the pan drawer is not enough storage then make your Mini kitchen a Kitchenette with the addition of these wall units.


  Wall units with an open shelf unit to house a compact microwave turn the standard Mini Kitchen into an Eye Level Micro Kitchen – offering optimal storage in the smallest of spaces.

3. The Mini Kitchen is created for the rising numbers of youthful and single people in China, and features an all-in-one design with tiny facsimiles of a fridge, stovetop, and silverware. The “cook box” is sort of like a modern bento box that can be used for both cooking and serving, which is in fact pretty smart. The tablet PC is a little netbook that is generally intended for chatting and looking up recipes. Regrettably for every one of you that are single, it is just a concept for now. By Electrolux.


4.  FiniYou can cook a good food for breakfast, lunch and dinner with the Severin Mini kitchen. Shed in silver with enameled top and warmth resistant dyed housing, the oven has 26 liter capacity and comes with 5-stage switch – OFF, Top Heat, Bottom Heat, Top and Bottom Heat and Hotplates. The highest power is 2500 W. Changeable thermostat controls temperature in a 100° – 250°C range. This Severin mini kitchen as well comes with enamelled baking plate, grill rack, detachable crumb tray and adaptable shelf. On the top surface are two hotplates, one with dimension of 155 mm in diameter with 1000 W power and the second with dimension of 185 mm with 1500 W. The price for this universal kitchen is about € 120.

The Eye Level Galley kitchen converts the   unit's into kitchenettes with the additional storage cupboards. The microwave is housed in an open shelf unit giving cooking facilities at easy access.